About us

AORA is the world’s first blockchain-enabled global buying platform that allows consumers to purchase real-world products from any online store and marketplace using cryptocurrencies. It will also allow merchants to utilise a suite of solutions powered by smart contract capabilities. Its social marketplace, built upon the cross-border buying concierge service, enables consumers to discover the best products curated by fellow digital shoppers. AORA reinvents the ecommerce buying experience for consumers through community-centric product discovery, cost-efficient payments, genuine product reviews and seamless end-to-end logistics.

AORA is developed by Luminore 8 Pte Ltd (“Luminore”), a subsidiary of SGX-listed Y Ventures Group.

Y Ventures Group Ltd

Y Ventures Group Ltd is a Singapore-founded E-commerce and Technology company, that leverages on proprietary information derived from its data analytics capabilities for the procurement, distribution, digital marketing and sale of products worldwide across different online marketplaces in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Y Ventures Group is listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange (Stock Code - SGX:1F1), and is the first in its industry to be listed.

Luminore 8 Pte. Ltd.

Luminore 8 Pte. Ltd. (“Luminore”) was founded to research and develop E-commerce platforms for the future economy. With its experienced team of developers, engineers and data scientists, Luminore hopes to build truly innovative digital platforms that deliver real value to businesses and consumers around the world. Luminore 8 Pte. Ltd. signed an MOU with Singapore Post Ltd in March 2018 to develop the AORA Global Buying Concierge platform and to explore possible enhancements and technological processes for the logistics industry.