Amazon Shipping to Singapore
Amazon Shipping to Singapore with Aora is the world's greatest marketplace, and for good reason too. You can get almost everything you need on USA's favorite marketplace - Amazon's flagship products such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire Tablet, books, toys, clothing, vintage collectibles and more.

With AORA, you can ship your favorite Amazon US products to Singapore with cost-efficient shipping fees through AORA's seamless checkout process.

Amazon USA International Shipping vs. AORA International Shipping

Shopping directly from Amazon USA is great. There are many products available on Amazon US that is not available in Singapore, and there are products that are way cheaper than they are in Singapore

Shipping from Amazon USA directly to Singapore can get complicated. Their global shipping program has many restrictions; international shipping fees are high, and does not allow many products to be shipped directly to Singapore.

With AORA, you can enjoy every product from the Amazon US page without any fuss at all. Simply copy and paste the Amazon URL into the AORA input bar, and view all-inclusive shipping prices from USA right to your doorstep in Singapore.

Amazon Shipping to Singapore
How to Ship From the US With AORA
Place An Order
Browse from your favourite retailers from
the US, and let us know which products
you wanna buy!
We Buy & Ship For You
We help purchase the product on
your behalf, and it ships to our US
facility before our logistics partners
to get it right to your doorstep!
Enjoy Your Package
Enjoy Your Package
Sit back and relax as we handle
everything for you from shipping tax to
last-mile delivery. It’s that easy.
Why Use AORA to Ship Amazon US to Singapore
Guaranteed Shipping Prices

Here at AORA, we believe in price transparency.

That's why the shipping prices we provide at checkout are a one-time fee that covers shipping from the USA merchant all the way to your doorstep in Singapore.

And the best part is - if the weight of the package is more than 500g lighter than the weight that AORA has estimated, we will provide an instant refund for the difference in shipping weight prices.

We Handle The Entire Buying and Shipping Process For you

Gone are the days where you have to get a US Shipping Address from a forwarding site and manage payments with international credit cards.

With AORA, all you have to do is provide us with the URL of the product you would like to buy, and we will help you to buy and ship your package from USA to Singapore.

Checkout In Under Two Minutes

We accept orders from multiple stores, which means that you will never have to remember multiple passwords or key in your credit card details for the millionth time.

And if you shop from our supported merchants, you can view shipping prices automatically without waiting for a quote!

Our Shipping Rates - Your 1st Kg is Free

To celebrate the launch of AORA platform, AORA is letting all our users enjoy free international shipping on the 1st of their package! This means that you can enjoy Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore for up to 1kg. Ship Amazon Kindle, headphone and more with 1 kg free international shipping from Amazon USA to Singapore.

Economy Shipping
SGD 1.59 / 100g
Standard Shipping
SGD 0.00 / 100g
Shop For The Latest Products from the USA

Your preferred buy-for-me service with trusted shipping to Singapore

Buy and Ship from the USA

Ever wanted to buy the latest products that were just released from the USA, but never knew how to ship it to Singapore? With AORA, you can now have access to the latest and best products from the USA with AORA. Buy affordable yet stylish baby clothes from, the latest handbags and wallets from Kate Spade USA at, and luxury brands at discounted rates from

AORA makes it easy for you to ship all of these amazing USA brands to Singapore! Simply copy and paste the product URL into our AORA input bar, and we will provide you an all-inclusive shipping quote. AORA is more than a forwarding service - AORA is reinventing the way people buy from the USA.

Enjoy Free Amazon Shipping to Singapore with AORA*

With AORA, you no longer have to try to navigate Amazon's Global Shipping rule and pay high shipping fees for shipping from USA to Singapore. With AORA, you can shop from Amazon USA directly with affordable shipping rates and unlimited access to their massive product collection.

You can finally buy your Amazon Kindle, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, and other of your favourite Amazon Products shipped directly to your doorstep today.

Also, enjoy free domestic shipping within the USA when you spend more than US $25 from the Amazon marketplace. Combined with AORA's affordable international shipping fees, Amazon shipping to Singapore is made affordable and easy.

With AORA's launch promotion, you can enjoy free international Amazon shipping to Singapore for the 1st kg of your package.

What are you waiting for? Ship Amazon from US to Singapore with AORA today.

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