The best Pizza Delivery in Singapore – Pizza Hut, Dominos and Spizza Compared!

At AORA our team is made up of e-commerce executives, developers, statisticians and data analysts. We love finding the best value from online shopping and sharing great buys. But at times we also argue among ourselves, which pizza delivery has the best value in Singapore?

We took the chance last week to order from all 3 popular pizza deliveries at the same time (Pizzahut, Dominos, Spizza) in Singapore to compare the best value. For Science!

Alright, lets lay down a few grading criteria first. We’ll be judging this using the time-perfected pizza 1-5 scoring system based on,

  • Website and Ease of Order

  • Delivery and Handover

  • Appearance, Toppings and Size

  • Taste

We made sure we ordered the same dollar amount from all 3 (approx S$23) to also have a better gauge on overall value.

  • For Pizza Hut we ordered their 2 regular pizzas deal (9 inch, approx 23cm) and a free side for S$22

  • For Dominos we also ordered their 2 regular pizza deal at S$22 (just pizza only)

  • For Spizza there is only 1 size, so we ordered their parma ham pizza at S$23

Here’s what we found,

Website and Ease of Order

Pizza Hut ( Easy to navigate and order, however during checkout our card failed once due to pages not loading properly (we suspect the integration issues with the payment system). But, when we made a mistake with our order the old school 6 235-35-35 didn’t make us wait too long and customer service was very quick in amending the order with the restaurant.

Website and Ease of Order Score – 3.5 out of 5 (would have been worse if not for the quality customer service)

Dominos ( Best looking site in terms of UI/UX, navigation was also good and checkout was smooth. Lots of choices on the menu. Totally no issues.

Website and Ease of Order Score – 4.9 out of 5 (we don’t give perfect scores, there’s always room for improvement!)

Spizza ( Ok to navigate, not as interactive and a smaller menu compared with the previous 2, but checkout was also smooth.

Website and Ease of Order Score – 3.5 out of 5

Delivery and Handover

Pizza Hut The delivery man arrived on time and pizza boxes stored in a what looks to be a well insulated bag before being handed to us. Boxes were hot! Everything we expect from a pizza delivery. Delivery and Handover Score – 4.9 out of 5

Dominos Also came on time. However the pizza boxes were handed over in a plastic bag with no insulation, resulting in a very lukewarm box. A hot pizza is important! Delivery and Handover Score – 3.5 out of 5

Spizza The delivery agent was more than 30 mins late (after almost we finished our initial arriving pizza), also got lost and asked us to go look for him as he parked very far from our office. Pizza came out in a insulated bag but it seemed not as big as pizza hut’s. Boxes were also lukewarm, just a little less so than Dominos. Delivery and Handover Score – 3 out of 5

Initial Appearance, Toppings and Size 

Pizza Hut

Appearance was alright although a little squished. The sizing of the pizza’s were correct. Two, 9 inch pizzas comes up to a total volume of 830 cm². The toppings are only on 50% of the inner of the pizza (as is the cheese) so its not exactly value. There is a lot of dough closer to the crust – being a normal crust pizza, so it can be quite filling.

Appearance, Toppings and Size Score – 3 out of 5


Sizing was correct as well, both pizza’s are also 9 inch and have a total of 830 cm². The toppings for Dominos are more generous and spread out (we eyeball maybe 20% more), the small square cuts are also more bite-sized for easier sharing. We ordered thin crust, so the dough was more crispy but less volume than pizza-hut’s gigantic crusts. The consensus was that the Domino’s pizzas looked more appetizing than Pizza Hut.

Appearance, Toppings and Size Score – 4 out of 5


Spizza’s offering was sized at 38cm, giving a total area of 1134 cm² which meant 30%! more pizza per dollar than the rest. It looked like a pizza from a traditional Italian restaurant and the parma ham with rocket salad (packed separately) on top looked fresh. It was as thin as the Dominos but the cheese was only available on 60% of the inner pizza.

Appearance, Toppings and Size Score – 4.5 out of 5


Pizza Hut The toppings were sparse but their larger size really felt like you were biting into a real piece of meat or veggie when you found one. The sauce was slightly too salty for some us. The cheese was so-so and the main winner strangely was their fat doughy crust which was filling and oddly tasty. We add a few points for nostalgia.

Taste Score – 3.5 out of 5

Dominos Given that the toppings were more generous and spread out, we felt good consistency eating the inner or outer part of the pizza. Sauce was ok. Cheese was very tasty (better mozzarella?) and the crust even though thin was satisfactory.

Taste Score – 4 out of 5

Spizza Alright, this pizza was cold when it reached us due to the delay. But we could imagine if it had been hot it would have ticked all the right boxes. The parma ham and salad topping was delicious and of good quality. Cheese was semi-solidified but still tasty and went well with the sauce. Dough was superior to both Domino’s or Pizza Hut’s.

Taste Score – 3.5 out of 5 (If it had been not-cold this would be much higher)

In Conclusion

Lets tally the overall scores,

Pizza Hut – 14.9 Dominos – 16.4 Spizza – 14.5

It was close and your mileage might vary but our overall winner was Domino’s! Congrats for winning our 2019 AORA’s Best Pizza award <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🙂" src="" style="outline: none;"> We look forward to ordering more of you in the months to come.

Have comments on the extremely scientific method we used to carry out our contest? More pizza-ry thoughts? Any comments feel free to let us know below. Thanks for reading!

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